Our Company

Founded in Greece in 2007, EuroEnergy was established to increase the contribution of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to the traditional energy mix in Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Over the years, its portfolio has grown to encompass Solar PV and Wind assets in Romania and Greece, and biogas facilities in Latvia.  

During 2016, EuroEnergy transferred its operational biogas assets to its American sister company Convergen Energy, based in Green Bay, WI. With a focus now on solar and wind energy, we have since grown our RES portfolio by acquiring solar PV operating assets and under-construction wind projects. Currently, EuroEnergy is evaluating significant project opportunities in the southern European region. 

EuroEnergy's existing operating projects have a combined generating capacity of 96MW of solar and wind energy assets, and an additional 13.8MW of wind projects presently under construction in Greece. Our expertise in industrial asset management ensures that the assets are fully optimized and comply with all legal obligations, financial reporting, and environmental as well as health and safety standards.