Founded in Greece in 2007, EuroEnergy was established to increase the contribution of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to the traditional energy mix in Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Over the years, its portfolio has grown to encompass Solar and Wind projects in Romania, Greece, and recently Croatia.

With a technological focus on solar and wind energy, and more recently on storage systems, we have grown our RES portfolio by developing or acquiring renewable energy projects since 2007. EuroEnergy's existing operating projects have a combined generating capacity of over 100 MW of solar and wind energy assets, while currently, we are growing a diversified pipeline of c. 300 MW under development in the South Eastern European region.

Our expertise in industrial asset management ensures that the assets are fully optimized and comply with all legal obligations, financial reporting, and environmental regulations as well as health and safety standards.

EuroEnergy is a member of the Libra Group, a diverse international business group that has assets and operations in nearly 60 countries across six continents. Libra’s global energy interests include an extensive portfolio of distributed generation and grid-connected solar energy parks and wind farms across the Americas. Libra companies also have experience in biomass power generation, cogeneration plants, and waste-to-energy based fuels. EuroEnergy’s sister companies within the Libra Group are Greenwood Energy in Latin America and Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure in the USA.