EuroEnergy initiates Libra Interns highlights

15 Jul 2022

The Libra Internship Program gives young students the opportunity to acquire work experience under the umbrella of an international business group with subsidiaries in more than 50 countries worldwide. The program aims to create a better future by giving young people the chance to develop their skills and understand the importance of giving back to the community.

The Libra Internship Program has placed 23 interns at EuroEnergy across the Athens, Latvia and London offices since 2012, where three intern alumni have also been hired. We are very proud of our interns and their professional journey and strongly believe that the new generation brings new, bright, and valuable ideas to build a better future.

But what do the interns have to say?

"I believe that flourishing your professional skills is a fundamental process in order to reach your career goals and thus become maximally efficient in your work field. I would like to thank Libra and EuroEnergy for giving me the chance to develop professionally and become a part of an inspiring team that believes in equality and evolution. My mentor and buddy, as well as every other team member, always support and encourage me. Interning at EuroEnergy is a unique experience that made me set my standards very high becoming better every single day and give back to the company.“
-Vasileia Maxakouli, Communications intern (Summer 2022)"

You'll find out more interns highlights on our Facebook page, where our interns share their personal stories working at EuroEnergy.




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