EuroEnergy’s Technical Team Engages in “Advanced Rotor Blade Technology” Training

23 May 2023

EuroEnergy is proud to offer its employees the tools and knowledge required to grow and excel. Therefore, our company gladly announces that members of its technical department attended the “Advanced Rotor Blade Technology” training by Blade Care Academy at Prenzlau, Germany. 

Through this professional training, our team gained valuable knowledge about rotor blades as a fundamental for decision-making and interpretation of damage reports. They learned about blade structure, inspecting rotor blades, creating proper documentation, generating and interpreting inspection reports, and understanding damage class systems and repair urgency. Another key topic was aerodynamic optimization. By gaining this knowledge, our technical team is now competent at the appropriate tendering process for rotor blade repairs while being aware of various repair methods and their respective durations.  

Combined with the recent training regarding drone operations for performing in-house blade inspections and the course on operating and monitoring wind power plants, our technical members have been equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to ensure the optimal performance and safety of our wind turbines. In addition, through the Rotor Blade certification, our technical team is qualified to perform in-house blade inspections by thoroughly understanding wind turbines and rotor blades, thus identifying and addressing any potential issues promptly and efficiently.   

Fostering a culture of constant learning and accountability, EuroEnergy provides opportunities for its employees to acquire the required know-how in their field and enhance their abilities to progress in their careers. We encourage our workforce to keep evolving, getting inspired, and becoming more confident in their role to boost their performance. Our employees are the backbone of our company. 

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