Fanis Mermigkousis appointed CEO of EuroEnergy

08 Nov 2022

Today, EuroEnergy announced that Fanis Mermigkousis, former COO, acquires the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Fanis’ inspiring journey with EuroEnergy started in 2010 when he joined the company as an engineering intern.  His previous positions include Project Manager (LV), Deputy Country (LV), Operations Manager, and COO, taking up the CEO responsibilities in October.

Fanis will leverage his extensive experience to lead EuroEnergy into the future. He mentioned: “In EuroEnergy, we can face challenges because of the values we invoke. Libra is a family business and I highly appreciate family values. The most important one is ‘philotimo’ (Greek word for dutiful): be patient and adaptable, go the extra mile until you get what you deserve”.

With this appointment, EuroEnergy will keep growing its traditional business in the wind, solar, hydroelectric, and hybrid systems, as well as contraction, operation, and maintenance of RES electro-productive. From now on, the vision is to exploit competencies in the RES value chain by expanding business in new, innovative areas for the Greek market, such as offshore wind, rooftop commercial solutions, pumped energy storage, and batteries.

Fanis highlights his interest in getting to know the upcoming EuroEnergy interns, guiding them, and keeping up with their evolution. “EuroEnergy believes in a world with equal opportunities embracing diversity and encouraging the young generation. I am thrilled to be a part of this”.

Read more about Fanis here.

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