EuroEnergy announces the completion of the construction of its two solar plants in Romania

30 Dec 2013

EuroEnergy announced that the construction of its two solar plants in Romania was successfully completed. The projects were connected to the grid and electrified, and have a combined production capacity of 10.650.000 KWh, enough to power more than 4000 homes.

Furthermore, EuroEnergy reported that the development of its third project is ahead of schedule. Licensing was completed earlier in the year and the negotiations for its financing and construction have also been completed. The project is in its initial phase of construction and completion is now anticipated around the middle of next year.

EuroEnergy operates four biogas plants in Latvia and has a presence in the wind and solar markets in Greece and Romania. An active presence in Greece since 2008, EuroEnergy has established a portfolio of wind and solar operating assets and a strong local management team with deep knowledge of the local renewables industry and excellent hands-on capabilities in developing and operating wind and solar assets.

EuroEnergy is committed to increasing its presence and investments in the pan-European renewable energy market and contribute to the growth of both national economies and the green economy. 

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