EuroEnergy announces the formation of a JV agreement and its entry into the Latvian biogas sector

29 Oct 2010

EuroEnergy has entered the biogas sector in the Latvian market by forming a JV agreement with a Latvian company that has developed a portfolio of biogas licenses in the country.

The JV owns and will develop a total of seven biogas licenses, ranging from 0.5MW to 2MW and totalling 5MW of installed capacity.

The European biogas market is expanding, driven by the need to develop sustainable solutions for the waste management and treatment. Waste-to-energy technologies are a prime driver in this effort and biogas provides an established and viable solution in this regard.

Biogas is one of the four strategic renewable energy sectors for EuroEnergy –the other three comprising of solar, wind and small hydro. The agreement allows EuroEnergy to enter the sector and acquire and develop the necessary skills and expertise in it, whilst also achieving geographic diversification. The company also owns and operates solar assets in Greece where it has had an active presence since 2008. EuroEnergy has established a portfolio of wind and solar operating assets and a strong local management team with deep knowledge of the local renewables industry and excellent hands-on capabilities in developing and operating wind and solar assets.

Active in Greece since 2008, EuroEnergy is committed to increasing its presence and investments in the pan-European renewable energy market and contribute to the growth of both national economies and the green economy. 

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