EuroEnergy consolidates wind portfolio, divests licenses in Evoia and Macedonia

26 Apr 2018

EuroEnergy revised the strategic positioning of its portfolio of wind licenses in Greece, in an effort to consolidate its assets and focus its resources to target future growth. As part of the restructuring of its licensed wind portfolio, it divested its licenses in Evoia and Macedonia, to focus on the development of its pipeline of projects in Stera Ellada and free resources to capture new opportunities.

EuroEnergy retained all of its existing operating assets, which remain unaffected.

EuroEnergy completed its first renewable energy investment in Greece in 2008 and since then it has established a portfolio of wind and solar operating assets and a strong local management team with deep knowledge of the local renewables industry and excellent hands-on capabilities in developing and operating wind and solar assets.

EuroEnergy is also active in the Asset Management sector, providing professional asset management services to other 3rd party players in the Greek renewable energy market.

Euroenergy seeks to expand its current operating asset base and its licensing portfolio in the Greek wind and solar market in the near future, as it is committed to continue its presence and investments in the Greek Renewable energy market and contribute to the growth of the Greek economy. 

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